Explorer Scouts are the 4th Section and are aged 14-18. The section is open to both males and females and we currently have quite an even mix of both.


The Unit plans the program themselves under the guide of the Explorer Leader team. Some of our past activities include, Ready Steady Cook, Outdoor Ski Slope, Pimp that Snack, Crafts, D of E Prep, First Aid, Scouting Skills and many more.

Explores  explore the stars at the Sherwood Observatory  - Jan 2019

The Explorer Section as part of their Science and technology badge spend a night learning about The stars, solar system, comets and meteors at the Sherwood Observatory in Sutton. We got to look at 


Space telescope and some of the monitoring equipment that they used to record stars and meteor showers, sadly as the sky was very cloudy we didn't get to use the telescope but saw how it gets set up and maps the sky.

We were also treated to a presentation on some of the images capture buy both this centre and other centres around the world as well as looking as how asteroids and meteors are formed.

We would like to thank every at Th Observatory for a great informative evening.